Who are We? Troop 1 North Caldwell!

The troop has a long successful history and this section features reference to Troop 1, our Scouts and their Eagle Projects in articles, videos, etc.

1. Did you know that Troop 1 ran its' own full fledged summer camp for years? They were known as "9 Days" and took place in several different locations in New Jersey. Take a look at the YouTube links to see great footage from the 9 Day at Walpack in 1963. Be on the lookout for a youthful version of one of our Committee Members!

Part 1  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0jdzP4-v2o

Part 2  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHIBUxBgJro

Part 3  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVhOz5vsC4M

 The films document the huge commitment needed to make something like that happen and showcases a vibrant scouting program from simpler times.

2. In 1975, Troop 1 recognized its' 49th and 50th Eagle Scouts since the first one was awarded to Bill Nunamacher in 1945. In the Photo our 1st Eagle Scout is now the Scoutmaster! See the attached article and photo from the Caldwell Progress.

3. Troop 1 was one the early pioneers in promoting recycling in North Caldwell. Long before it became law, the troop organized environmental awareness by hosting a monthly collection at West Essex High School. The venture became quite profitable in those years when recyclables had a high resale value and much of the troop program was run for years off of the funds raised. North Caldwell Boro ultimately assumed responsibility for recycling with curbside pick-up and and the opportunity passed, although the legacy lives on!

Their efforts were chronicled in Scouting Magazine in September 1983. Please see the attached article "The Trashmen of Troop 1"

4. In July 2012, the troop was featured in the new North Caldwell Magazine. Please see the attached article and photo.

5. Joseph Abate, III, left, of North Caldwell and Matthew McGovern of Roseland, receive National Heroism Awards from the Boy Scouts of America, on Monday, May 14 at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, for demonstrating heroism in July 2011 in saving the life of Frank Rizzo of Point Pleasant Beach after he collapsed on the fishing dock. Alerted by screams,. Abate and McGovern ran to the scene, where Abate, with the help of McGovern, administered CPR. By the time the emergency medical technicians arrived, Rizzo was breathing. Abate is a junior at West Essex High School and Life Scout with Troop 1 in North Caldwell. McGovern is a junior at St. Peter’s Prep in Jersey City and an Eagle Scout with St. Aloysius Troop 6 in Caldwell. Please see attached photo.

6. November 2017 - Jeremiah Murnane's Eagle Project to refurbish and expand the North Caldwell Veteran's Memorial Please see attached before and after photos

Bryan on Scouting - Extreme Makeovers, Round 22: Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos


If you have any memories or photos to share from the old days or are interested in joining Troop 1, please use the "Contact Us" button to the left.